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Board of Directors

About the FHCCGLA Board Members

As a nonprofit Community Health Center FHCCGLA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. In compliance with the Bureau of Primary Care guidelines, a majority of our Board is composed of patients of the health center. Board members are tasked with the governance of FHCCGLA, and through their Chief Executive Officer are accountable for the management of all FHCCGLA facilities. The Board meets monthly on the third Wednesday of the month. 

Mayra Majano

Board Chair

Marie Bagwell


Mrs. Bagwell has a degree in ‘Early Childhood Education’ and worked 39 years for the city of Montebello, 14 years running the city’s (very successful) Pre-School program and 25 years as the Senior Citizen Director.

Marisol Tlatenchi


Ms. Tlatenchi has been participating on the FHCCGLA Board of Directors for 2 years. “Being a member of the board of directors has opened my eyes regarding the importance of knowing our rights as patients and knowing that I can trust the staff with my health care needs”

Jorge Ventura


Jorge Ventura has resided in the community for 30 years and has been a loyal patient of FHCCGLA for 10 years. Mr. Ventura has held the position of President of the Lyons, Kiwanis, Bell Chamber, Bell Gardens Chamber and President of FHCCGLA. Jorge has served on the Board of Directors at FHCCGLA for over 10 years.

Robert J. Hooper


Francisco Zelaya


Gladys Munoz


Gladys has been a member of FHCCGLA’s Board for 10 years. As a board member, she has helped maintain the organizations focus on its patients.  ” We strive to provide quality services to the community. It pleases me to be part of the agencies growth.”

Mark A. Lester


He has been associated with FHCCGLA since 1999 and a Board member since 2014. Mr. Lester has advised and continues to advise several non-profit foundations in the Southern California area.

Talpa Angulo


Ms. Angulo has been a patient of FHCCGLA for 15 years.  Talpa has been a board member serving FHCCGLA for 3 non-continuous years.

If you would like additional information please contact our HR Department at hr@fhccgla.org.