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Diabetes Services

Diabetes Services

What Makes the FHCCGLA High Impact Diabetes Clinic So Effective?

  • Interdisciplinary TEAM Based DM Care Plan that includes a brief huddle for each new patient
  • Standardized High Impact personalized One-on-One DM Education that is tailored specifically for the individual patient and designed to motivate patient to take action
  • Focus on Diabetes
  • Care Plan that incorporates removing barriers to compliance with diet, exercise, medications
  • Medical and psychosocial evaluation of other conditions that prevent patients from implementing exercise, diet and medication recommendations (e.g. depression, anxiety, pain, myths, etc.)
  • Follow up Telephone Calls
  • Standardized Educational Materials
  • Ensuring patient has a glucometer and other supplies and knows how to check and record blood sugars at home
  • Written Care Plan that patient takes home with them
  • Use of Motivational Interviewing Techniques

Further studies are needed to determine how each of the components impact the outcomes of the program, however, based on antidotal evidence, it seems that all components as a “bundle” has a direct and positive effect on outcome. 

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